About The Golden Primer


The Golden Primer is the entertaining doxology of America's personal and national character at a modern crossroads in a race of ideals, attitudes and self-will. It is a blended novel from true and original sources of mystery, romance, intrigue, confusion, love, ultimatum, peace, hate, comedy, war, and reliance, all stacked as memorial stones in a diary of our heritage.

America's people and culture have been unique to the world over the last 400 years. This is the untold story. Unfortunately, we have allowed for inner-dependence on misguided hope and altered priorities. Our once-reliable institutions are becoming irrelevant and cry out for restoration. Historical revisionism and tolerant apathy have slowly devoured our being, leaving us as a shell of our intended blessings. However, if we focus upon character, we solve our problems.

Volume 1 (presented in four books) is the first of a multi-volume series. Alone, it contains 2,600 pages, 1,000+ stunning illustrations, and 800,000 words that rival other literary works in depth such as Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace (560,000 words), The Bible (770,000 words), and Victor Hugo's Les Miserables (513,000 words). It also includes over 750 piercing study-guide questions.

Truth hunters should prepare to be vividly challenged by the genesis of who we are and how we have arrived at this point. The many trustworthy voices which authored this series provide a road map for your understanding. Who is America's Body? We are the flock, we who care about our legacy, now and into eternity; we who believe that if America's soul suffers the loss of sight, the world will shudder in a loss of light; we who endear ourselves to immutable truth; we who profoundly reject itching ears. If we focus upon character, we solve our problems.